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2016 Atlanta USA

mmm express company Atlanta USA

Site of logistic company

2017 Atlanta USA

cdexperts llc Atlanta USA

Site of reconstruction and building company

Social projects...

2016 Kyiv-Odessa Ukraine

help survive Ukraine

Social projects
Help survive

2016 Dombass Ukraine

family 2 family Ukraine

site of the program
of social rehabilitation
Family to Family

2015 Ukraine

gcshelp Ukraine

Mutual Assistance Portal
Global Christian Support

2017 Ukraine-USA

chaplains camps Ukraine USA

Site of project
International Chaplains Camps

2016 Ukraine-USA

faith hearing Ukraine USA

Site of project
Faith From Hearing

2016 Ukraine

httptechgood Ukraine

Site of project

2018 Poltavskaya obl. Lubny Ukraine

house of mercy Poltavskaya obl. Lubny Ukraine

Site of project
House of Merci

2018 Kharkiv Ukraine

haf Kharkiv Ukraine

Website of Charitable Foundation
Hope and Future

Projects in construction...

in process...

openvisa Ukraine USA


in process...

Electronic Inventory

in process...

Project helpstr

Remote support of vehicles